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Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Updated: Jun 7, 2021

Father’s Day is just around the corner! A photo of any kind can make a unique and lasting gift. 1. Take a photo with dad (or any father figure)- give the gift of a fun photo session that’s all about family and making memories.

2. Get a photo of the kids holding drawings they made, or spell out the word ”dad” with wooden letters or chalk

3. Find an old childhood photo and recreate the scene, outfits, and facial expressions. Adults and older siblings can have a lot of fun with this by reliving a scene from an old album!

Once the photo is complete, there are a multitude of ways to print the results-from cards, frames, canvas, mugs, to even keychains or phone cases. You can even make it a tradition and start a yearly collection!

If you need a last minute photo taken, I’d be glad to help! Visit

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