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Top 10 Questions All Families Have:

Frequently Asked Questions

1) May we bring props to our session?

Props can add interest and personality to your photos. If you would like to include props, please let me know ahead of time so I can plan accordingly. A special keepsake, family member photo, favorite toy, etc that you want to remember can make your session unique and special. Family pets are also welcome to be included in sessions!

2) How long do sessions last?

Session time varies depending on the package you select. Mini sessions are approx. 15-20 minutes while regular sessions average about an hour. Look for themed minis throughout the year! I am so excited to add backdrops and lighting to my gear this year, so I will now be available for indoor sessions as well.

3) Will you suggest a location for the session?

I’d loved to share some of my favorite places! Don’t feel like you are limited to my suggestions. Also, please keep in mind that when kids are involved, it’s best to stick to one setting, such as a park or playground. Pick a place where they are comfortable being themselves.

4) How can we best prepare for the session?

Get yourself and your family excited about the session! Whether you go all out on a styled shoot or purchase new outfits for everyone- it’s great when you can involve the entire family. I will send a welcome guide for you to look through, through mail and email. You will also have access to my Pinterest page, where I pin my favorite tips and ideas.

5) Why don't you offer all digital download options?

Each print product that you purchase includes the digital version for you to share to social media. As of 2021, I am not offering all digital sessions. Think about how many unprinted photos you have on your phone or on social media. If you are like me, it's thousands! I always mean to sit down and print, but life gets in the way. By offering only prints, you are getting the opportunity to have your beautiful memories printed and on your wall for an instant family heirloom.

6) I see a lot of ideas on Pinterest, can we suggest ideas for photos?

Absolutely! During the pre-consultation I will discuss your vision and my experience. If there is an image from Pinterest that you love, text or email it to me and we’ll look at it together.

7) Is there a time that is better than others for outdoor photo sessions?

The best time for an outdoor photo session is either early in the morning or right around sunset. I’ve found that the best light is usually 15-20 minutes before sunset and 15-20 minutes after. You can visit to get an accurate time for sunset on your scheduled photo session day and then back up approx. 1 hour to 1.5 hours from that time for start time. You want to make sure to factor in extra time just in case you happen to be running late, want to change outfits during the session, etc…

8) What is included in a session?

All sessions include travel to the location, my services during the shoot and basic editing of the images. A set number of images are provided upon completion based on the duration of session. For example, with an hour session you will usually receive a minimum of 15 images. 1-2 weeks later you'll receive access to a password protected gallery where you can then choose to purchase images, prints, canvases and gifts . Digital downloads are included with each print product that you purchase.

9) What type of payment do you accept?

I accept checks, Venmo and all major credit cards.

10) How long after the session until I see my photos?

Turnaround for photos is approx. 1-2 weeks. I will usually post a few sneak peek images to social media within 2 days of photographing the session, so make sure you are connected!

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